Jaguar has unveiled its first all-electric virtual sportscar called the Jaguar Vision GT Coupe. As the name suggests, the model will debut in the famous gaming franchise Gran Turismo. The all-electric Jaguar Vision GT Gran Turismo Coupe takes cues from famous racing Jaguars of the past such as the iconic C-type and D-type that tasted success at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The new racecar will be available for players to download in Gran Turismo Sport for the Sony PlayStation 4 from the end of November.

Audi is another brand that created a racecar just for PlayStation.

All-electric, all-wheel-drive

Leading the charge (pun intended) on Jaguar Vision GT Coupe development was led by the firm’s Panasonic Jaguar Racing engineers. This is the same outfit responsible for the I-Pace eTrophy racecars. The virtual racecar is powered by three compact motors, one driving both front wheels, the other two driving a rear-wheel each, essentially making the sleek coupe all-wheel-drive. Combined power is rated as 750 kW and with a whopping 1 200 N.m of torque. Claimed performance figures are a 0-100 km/h time of less than two seconds and on to a maximum speed of more than 321 km/h.

Learn more about the I-Pace eTrophy at this link.

In his own words

James Barclay, team director, Panasonic Jaguar Racing said: “The opportunity to take what we have learned on the track from our time in Formula E and apply it to a futuristic Jaguar race car has been a great challenge for the Jaguar Racing engineers. With its all-electric motor design drawing on the technology from both the Jaguar I-Type 4 and eTrophy racecars, we have accurately modeled the performance of the Jaguar Vision GT Coupé in the virtual world, creating a car that will be exhilarating to drive and a real threat to the competition.”