Mercedes-Benz South Africa will introduce the latest C63 AMG into the local market soon. Before that happens, we’ve been takin a look at the lineage of high-performance C-class AMGs. You can read Part One and Part Two by clicking these highlighted links. Sit back and enjoy the History of the C-Class AMG – Part 3

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Mercedes-AMG C63 (W204) – Rip-Snorting Ruffian

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG W204 F1 Safety Car

Up until the W204, the C-class AMGs were not quite on the same level as performance sedans from elsewhere in Germany. But that all changed in 2007 with the release of the W204 C63. AMG was now fully integrated into the halls of Mercedes and it showed in its performance products. The latest-generation of C-AMG was shot through with more engineering prowess than ever before. These weren’t simply fast Mercedes, they were proper performance cars. As a result they were more dynamically adept and a real foil for sedan rivals and sportscars alike.

The W204 C63 had the largest engine of any C-Class. The naturally aspirated V8 displaced 6 208 cm³. As a result Mercedes revived the famous ‘6.3’ badge from AMGs of yore. The engine has one of the most evocative soundtracks of any sedan, even until this day. Power ranged from 336 kW to 380, depending on the exact derivative. The ‘regular’ sedan and estate had 336 kW/600 N.m and AMG wanted people to know it meant business. It helped that the C63 could blast from standstill to 100 km/h in 4,5 seconds.

The C63 AMG was not a subtle car. It has flared wheel arches, twin bulges on the bonnet, four oval exhausts, aero shaped side-sills and specially designed alloys. The bespoke treatment continued into the cabin that featured bucket-seats for the first time. There are also ally pedals and gearshift paddles. And if the noise wasn’t enough, a subtle ‘6.3 V8’ reminder was emblazoned on the rev counter.

If the ‘regular’ C63 was too tame, AMG other options such as the Edition 507. At the very top of the C-class AMG line-up was the limited-edition Black Series which had the full 380 kW/620 N.m on offer. That made it the most powerful C-Class road car ever sold to the public. It had outlandish looks, making it seem like a racetrack refugee. There were bespoke bumpers, a front splitter, nostrils in the bonnet, wider fenders, massive alloys and a massive fixed rear wing if you wanted. It was the first C-class to receive the ‘Black Series’ treatment. 

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Mercedes-AMG C63 (W205) – The Torque Monster

Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG W205 static front

Mercedes-AMG was well into its stride by the time the W205 made its debut. The speed merchants were developing engines for use across multiple models and platforms. As a result the engine in the W205 AMG was downsized from 6,3 to 4,0-litres. However, the crazy folks at AMG bolted a pair of turbochargers onto the smaller V8. Thankfully the soundtrack of the bent-eight remained.

This meant that power remained relatively unchanged. Regular C63 versions produced 350 kW/650 N.m while the more potent C63S punched out 375 kW and a whopping 700 N.m of torque. In C63 guise, the sedan sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,1 seconds. The C63S can accelerate to 100 km/h in four seconds flat. The S version has a top speed of 290 km/h. 

The cabin featured grippy seats and an Alcantara steering with a flat bottom. More interesting were the AMG specific dials on the steering that allowed drivers to set up the car’s drive characteristics (damping, ESP interference, gearshift patterns) the way they preferred. 

The W205 was not as aggro as its predecessor from a styling perspective. Although, it still had a bespoke appearance when compared to other C-class variants. This included wider front fenders, different bumpers and alloys as well as a more hunkered down stance, but it was more sleek, more grown up than the ‘hooligan’ that was the W204.