The Ford GT exploded onto the supercar scene a few years ago when it won the GT Class at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now we have the Ford GT Carbon Series, the most track-focussed GT of them all.

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A road racer

The Ford GT was created to go racing, and to date it has a successful career behind it. This latest edition is the lightest, most hard-core of all the road-going GTs produced.

Ford engineers say they’ve shaved 18 kg off the car’s mass. They have done so by using a host of race-spec, lightweight materials. These include carbon-fibre wheels, a titanium exhaust, titanium wheel nuts and a lightweight polycarbonate engine cover, with additional venting.

Differentiating the new model are a few model-specific touches. Two exposed carbon-fibre stripes with matching A-pillars, lower body panels and the very obvious gloss carbon-fibre wheels. The shiny black stuff adorns parts of the cabin as well.

Four optional accent colours, silver, orange, red or blue, can be applied to the mirror housings, centre stripe and brake calipers. The Ford GT Carbon Series also features a unique seat pattern as well as clear anodised paddle shifters and a name badge on the instrument panel.

To ensure comfort when driving the Ford GT Carbon Series to and from the racetrack, the company has retained modern conveniences, including air conditioning and the infotainment system.

Under the hood

The new model is powered by a 3,5-litre twin-turbocharged  V6 engine. Power remains 482 kW with 746 N.m of torque. The EcoBoost engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle powering the rear wheels.

In their own words

“This is an example of how we listen to our customers”, said Lance Mosley, marketing manager, Ford Performance. “While the Ford GT Competition model appeals to hardcore racing enthusiasts, we found more customers asking for more exposed carbon-fibre with the air conditioning and radio still intact. So we developed the Carbon Series to satisfy that need while providing a distinct look.”

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