Flankers in the City is supposedly the world’s first tandem drift in a live city. In this video, you can see top drift pilots Sergei Kabargin and Arkady Tsaregradtsev let rip in the streets of Saint-Petersburg.

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Live city

Kabargin and Tsaregradtsev fling two Flanker-Fs all across St. Petersburg. Live city refers to the fact that the video was not shot in some abandoned town or on a movie set. 29 Productions, the video team behind the production were keen to leave people clearly visible in many scenes.

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The cars featured in Flankers in the City are called Flanker-F drift cars. They are purpose-built by Evil Empire, one of Russia’s oldest drift teams. The bespoke creations make extensive use of carbon-fibre inside and out. Under the long bonnet of each car is a 7,3-litre V8 made by Racing Head Services. The engine is reportedly good for nearly 480 kW and 760 N.m of torque. Flanker-F refers to an old Soviet-era jet aircraft. You’d be forgiven for thinking the cars are the Swedish-built Zenvos.

Enjoy the beautifully shot Flankers in the City video below.