An all-new motorsport series was announced yesterday called the Elite World Cup. The announcement took place on the eve of the BRICS summit that is currently taking place in Johannesburg. 

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One-make Nations Cup

The Elite World Cup will take a similar shape to the A1 GP series that ran from 2005-2009. This new championship will feature teams from different countries competing against each other. An eight round championship is planned for the latter part of 2024 into the early part of 2025. Races will take place on five continents, although no circuits or locations have yet been named.

Each team will race a Lotus Evija. The all-electric hypercar is the most powerful road-going vehicle on sale in the world today. It boasts 1 500 kW and 1 704 N.m delivered to all four wheels. As a result the hypercar is capable of blasting from 0-300 km/h in a hair over nine seconds and is capable of doing 350 km/h. The uniquely shaped model also features high levels of downforce.

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Big Names

A few big names have already thrown their weight behind the Elite World Cup. Tokyo Sexwale, well known SA businessman, is one of the co-founders of the new series. He is joined by Liu Yu and Stephen Watson. The latter was instrumental in setting up A1 GP while Yu and Sexwale two were A1 GP franchise holders for their respective countries.

 “The Elite World Cup is not just a racing competition,” says Sexwale. “It is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation and sustainability.”

Watson says: “The Cup is called Elite for a reason as we will engage and invite experienced international racing car drivers that have competed across F1, Indy Car, Nascar, WRC and the likes. We want the drivers and teams who have established themselves and represented their countries in various prestigious motorsport championships around the world.”