A few weeks ago Bentley Motors hosted the dynamic ride and drive event for its latest GT Speed derivative at an abandoned air force base. While the company had use of the facility it decided to shoot this gymkhana-style video called Continental Drift. 

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The Comiso Air Station in Sicily was originally built in 1936 and rebuilt in the 1980s. 112 Ground Launched Cruise Nuclear Missiles were housed at the largest NATO air base in southern Europe. Nearly 30 years ago Comiso was abandoned and nature is slowly reclaiming the land.

Bentley Motors wanted to create a video that showcased the dynamic abilities of the GT Speed, though we somehow can’t imagine any Bentley owners getting their large coupes sideways. The 1952 R-Type Continental seen at the start and end of the film is Bentley’s own car from its heritage collection, and in its day was the fastest four-seat car in the world. 

W12 power

The Bentley Continental GT Speed is powered by a twin-turbocharged W12 motor, which is quite unique in the world of motoring. The massive engine produces 467 kW and 900 N.m of torque. Continental Drift was made possible thanks to the GT Speed’s rear-biased torque split. An eLSD and all-wheel steering allow the driver to get the car sideways and keep it drifting with precision.

Mike Sayer, Bentley’s head of product communications, comments:    

“After the team discovered Comiso Air Station for the launch of the GT Speed, and we’d agreed to create a gymkhana-style course there, the next step was to design a film unlike anything we’d shot before. Sliding a metallic yellow Bentley around an abandoned air base is certainly an experience, and new territory for us, but the result shows just how dynamic the best Grand Tourer in the world has become.”