In March of this year, Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt released the La Voiture Noire, a one of one special edition based on the company’s Bugatti. That car was built for an unnamed client and cost an absolute fortune. Since the company isn’t building another one, the VW-owned automaker has created the Bugatti Chiron Noire.

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All black

In the Bugatti Chiron Noire, Bugatti covers the exposed carbon fibre skin with a matt black finish. The C-shaped Bugatti signature line on the flank, the wheels, front spoiler and radiator grille are all matt black. The four visible tailpipes of the titanium exhaust system are also finished in black, as are parts of the engine cover.

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The interior is also dominated by black. The embroidered Noire inscriptions on the inlays of the centre console and the headrest are black, as are the aluminium trim parts in the interior. The inner C-line, switches, push-buttons and rotary knobs on the dashboard, steering wheel, centre console and door handles are all in matt black.

Limited edition

This latest creation from Bugatti’s design works will be limited to just 20 units. If you’re keen to have one, they are priced at three million euros before taxes and import duties (we are too afraid to make the conversion into rands). Potential buyers will be pleased to know that quad-turbocharged 8,0-litre 16-cylinder engine still has 1 103 kW and a massive 1 600 N.m of torque. This monstrous powerplant is mated to a dual-clutch transmission that feeds power to all four wheels.

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