The Mercedes-AMG GT63 S is the most powerful passenger car made by AMG. But for some, even its 470 kW isn’t enough power… enter the Brabus 800 GT63 S. You can read our driving review of the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S by clicking here and watch our video at this link or at the bottom of this post.

A heavy hitter

The Brabus 800 turns up the power level somewhat offering 588 kW (an even 800 hp) and an axle-twisting 1 000 N.m of torque. These figures are an increase of 118 kW and 100 N.m over a standard GT63 S. Incidentally, these outputs place it alongside the Ferrari 812 SuperFast (read our review here) in terms of power output. The best part is that the company offers a three-year/100 000 kilometre warranty on its upgraded model.

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To extract this level of performance the engineers at Brabus adopted two newly designed high-performance turbochargers of their own design that produce maximum boost pressure of 1,6 bar. According to the press release the Brabus 800 GT63 S can spring from rest to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds thanks to its standard all-wheel-drive. Flat out it will do an electronically limited 315 km/h.


To ensure that the car is stable at speeds Brabus designers have developed a bespoke body kit consisting of aerodynamically efficient naked-carbon components. They were fine-tuned in the wind tunnel and optimise stability at high speeds. Part of the kit is a front spoiler and attachments for the large air intakes of the bumper. A carbon diffuser insert for the rear bumper perfectly frames quad titanium-finished tailpipes.

The Brabus 800 GT63 S wears lightweight alloy wheels that measure 10,5×21 inches on the front and 12×22 inches at the rear. This four-door sportscar can be ordered as a complete car or Brabus can convert any current Mercedes GT 63 S 4MATIC+ to this performance level.