The BMW range will soon be headed up by a new model, and we have BMW M850i xDrive pricing for South Africa.

A range leader

BMW has been expanding its portfolio in all directions. A few days ago the Bavarian brand unveiled the X7, a range-topping X Series model. In doing so the firm has created an SUV/SAV derivative to correspond with each sedan model ie 1 Series and X1, 2 Series and X2, etc, etc.

You can see and read about the X7 by clicking here.

In just a few months a new halo passenger car from the automaker dubbed the BMW M850i xDrive Coupe will go on sale in South Africa. Note the ‘Coupe’ part of that name as there will be Convertible and Gran Coupe (four-door) versions in time. When this new range is launched there will be a corresponding coupe for each sedan model as well.

Local launch

BMW SA has confirmed that the very first model to be launched locally will be the M850i xDrive. Ahead of the launch date next year the subsidiary’s website carried the price. For the princely sum of R1 887 827 you can have the base-spec M850i. Of course, you can easily drive up that price to eye-watering levels if you get too eager with the options list.

You can configure your own BMW M850i on the company’s local site.

Standard equipment will include electric adjustment for the leather-covered seats, multi-zone climate control, an electronic instrument cluster, satellite controlled gear shifts and BMW’s new 7.0 operating system for the infotainment system. The latter will include adaptive navigation, hard-drive-based multimedia options with 20 Gb onboard storage, two USB ports, plus Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.


This model is powered by BMW’s familiar twin-turbocharged V8 that displaced 4,4-litres. Maximum power is rated as 390 kW coupled with peak torque of 750 N.m. As the ‘xDrive’ moniker denotes power is fed to all wheels. The M850i will be available exclusively with an eight-speed transmission.

Performance claims for the large coupe are quoted as 3,7 seconds for the 0-100 km/h sprint, in part thanks to a launch control programme. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

BMW M850i xDrive pricing:      R1 887 827