The BMW M2 CS is one of the most exciting cars to debut in South Africa this year (click here to see of our other exciting picks of 2020). It seems that just a handful of units will be coming to our shores and they will be sold via a novel BMW M2 CS Auction.

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For those who aren’t already aware, the BMW M2 CS is the hottest 2 Series ever produced. BMW took the potent M2 Competition and honed it to create an even more focussed driver’s car. It is powered by the same turbocharged inline-six as the outgoing M3. In the smaller car, it is tuned to deliver 331 kW and 550 N.m of torque. Mass-saving measures include a carbon-fibre bonnet, front splitter and roof. BMW has reworked the suspension and fitted the car with lightweight 19-inch alloys shod with sticky Michelin rubber. Composite brakes are optional.

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Limited edition

The total production run of the BMW M2 CS is pegged at 2 200 units. BMW South Africa has managed to obtain 30 units for our market. 28 will be up for grabs to the public with the remaining two used for marketing purposes. BMW has already registered interest from 300 eager M fans who want to own this special car. To level the playing field the local allocation will be sold via the BMW M2 CS auction. This is in keeping with BMW’s move away from its current franchise business model to being a direct seller of cars. Due to the current stay-at-home situation, it is unclear whether it will be a virtual or physical auction, though BMW SA would prefer the latter.

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There will be a variety of colours (silver, black, white and blue) heading to SA, but owners will not be able to configure their cars as they wish. BMW SA will obtain a variety of spec levels that will have manual or automated transmissions, brake systems and other variations. Potential owners will bid on the car closest to their desired spec.