If you are a fan of super- and hypercars (and if you are reading this site you probably are) then you will enjoy this McLaren Ultimate Series Reunion video.

Family gathering

The guys over at UK motoring title Autocar have managed to assemble, probably, the most desirable set of McLarens ever produced. Autocar was the only title to independently test the McLaren F1 25 years ago to the week.

For many, the McLaren F1 marked the start of the hypercar era. It managed to attain a top speed of 391 km/h, TWENTY FIVE years ago. It still holds the record for being the fastest naturally aspirated production car. Incidentally, the Mac F1 was designed by former Formula One designer, SA-born Gordon Murray. Murray is working on a new supercar project called the T.50 and you read about it here.

Ultimate Series

Twenty-five years ago McLaren was better known as a championship-winning F1 outfit and not as a producer of road cars. Things have changed somewhat since then and over 15 000 road-going units have been sold worldwide by the Woking-based manufacturer.

At the very pinnacle of the brand’s offerings sit the Ultimate Series cars. These include the P1, Senna and track-only derivatives of both models. A new model, called the Speedtail is the most recent addition to the list.

Click here to check out an Ayrton Senna inspired P1.

Trio of legends

The iconic V12-powered (sourced from BMW) McLaren F1, was not called an Ultimate Series car, but it is the spiritual successor to the extreme performance models that have followed. P1 and Senna are both powered by twin-turbocharged V8 engines.

Grab your lunch and sit down to enjoy this McLaren Ultimate Series Reunion video, which is slightly long, but definitely worth the watch. Matt Prior is the lucky sod who got to drive all three cars, including the R453 MILLIYON (yes, you read that correctly) F1 that still belongs to the factory.