About 50 years ago when Porsche introduced the 911, it was one of the best sports cars and it could even be used for everyday use and is the best cars designed by Porsche. People loved the 911 because it was small, had more room to store you stuff unlike other sports cars and it was reliable and fun to drive. They have caped the same design over the past years and they just upgrade the engine and the interior to give more pleasure.

You don’t have to put yourself in dept if you really like the 911 and think that the price is too high, you can get the older models and still enjoy the performance and joy of driving one. But there are factors you need to consider when choosing between the new and old models; you really need to focus on the big picture. Don’t just be impressed by the new interior while the previous model is much better than the new one. Focus more on the engine and power and only consider models that are 1 – 5 years older to get a good engine and other extra futures.

The 911 is really expensive and you need to consider maintenance and oil consumption. You need to decide what will be you main use for the car, you may need it just to race around or drive it daily, you want the convertible or hard roof and they type of model you want. This will help you chose the 911 that is in your price range and you could save money on maintenance, because each model has its own faults and they don’t cost the same to fix. You can even contact your insurance company to find out if you can afford to pay; you don’t want to find out that you cannot afford to insure your new expensive car.

Once you have concluded all the expense of the 911’s and the power each one gives, you are ready to enjoy driving your new super car. The 911 is all about style and speed.