The initial purpose of an automobile was to move people and their goods from one point to another. However, with the advent of many more manufacturers of motor cars, the focus has shifted to issues like efficiency, style, power and performance. There are many reputable brands of vehicles each known for specific qualities that are always attributed with the more visible characteristics of each brand. The Porsche is without a doubt a world leader in most of the stated qualities. It has been a leader and at the head of innovations in the design and manufacture of luxury sports vehicles. Its performance compared to other makes of automobiles is rated among the best in the world. 
The Porsche Carrera is a mean and feisty contender for the spot of top performer. It can reach top speeds without compromising the grip handling because it has seven gears. It can move from rest to one hundred kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds. Another top performer in the best performer category is the Porsche 911 which is powered by a three point six liter flat six engine which has a total of three hundred and sixty horse power. The Porsche 911 is fitted with twin turbo which delivers an extra four hundred and eighty horse power of sheer power. The Porsche 911 can go from rest to one hundred kilometers per hour in three point nine seconds and includes an option of a six speed manual transmission system and a five speed automatic transmission system. The Porsche 928 produces a power of 150bhp which, though lower than the others, shows quite a high aptitude. The Porsche 928 mostly uses automatic transmission. 
While there has been a lot of innovation in the manufacture of motor cars, a lot of things still remain as they were long ago. Most of the cars manufactured more than thirty years ago still dominate the motor industry especially in terms of performance.