A few years ago the Bugatti Veyron made headlines when it became the first series production road car to exceed 400 km/h. Just yesterday a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan joined that club in an extremely impressive manner.

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Speed = distance/time

The Veyron’s successor, known as the Chiron, set a world record last year when it ran from 0 to 400 km/h and back to standstill in 42 seconds. In that run, the big Bug required about two and half kilometres to attain its top speed.

I am not sure what you drive, but in anyone’s books getting to 400 km/h is a feat in itself and two and half kilometres is not that far.

Tearing up the record books

Underground Racing is a tuning house in the US that specialises in twin-turbo set-ups for Lamborghinis and Audis. Cars from this stable have set multiple records in the US.

Just yesterday, a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan sprinted from standstill to 418 km/h in just 802 metres. Think about that for a second. An on-ramp onto a major highway is about 1 km, which means this Lambo will be travelling at over 420 km/h when it merges.

Catch the record run as well as some other incredibly quick cars in this video: