We don’t usually cover commercial vehicles, but Thor 24 Truck was just too wacky to ignore.

You are not seeing double, or triple. Thor 24 truck really does have more cylinders than are easy to count… 24 to be precise. This Transformer-like machine is based on a 359 Peterbilt, and was built by Mike Harrah Spinks and Paul Abram over period of seven years. The unique creation recently made headlines when it was sold in an auction held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for an incredible $12 million.

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Twin-engined… many superchargers

Thor 24 Truck is powered by twin V12 two-stroke Detroit Diesel engines. The 24-cylinder powerplant is topped with 12 (yes, twelve), BDS 8-71 superchargers. The combined displacement of the motors is an incredible 27,9 litres. As if the massive swept volume and superchargers weren’t enough, the top of the manifold is also the base for eight nitrous-oxide bottles. An engine of this size does not rev very high, as you may expect.

There are no fewer than 24 Autometer gauges to keep track of what’s going on with the engines. Among the dials is an (optimistic?) a 200-mph (322 km/h) speedometer and a 6 000 r/min rev-counter. Peak power is rated as 2 550 kW at 2 500 r/min. The cascadia evolution truck has a chromed Allison HT740 transmission. Peterbilt air leaf suspension supports a custom chassis and steering system. The rig rides on Alcoa aluminium wheels wrapped in 315/30R/22,5 tyres.

The truck’s owner says: “The problem isn’t getting it up above 100 mph (160 km/h), it’s stopping it once you do!” Just in case, the truck has four 12-foot Simpson drag parachutes packed across the rear bumper.

Command centre

The interior is covered with black diamond-stitch upholstery for the headliner, dark grey industrial carpeting on the floor, and black leather for the front bucket seats and rear bench seating. The front passenger door opens Lambo-style. Above the driver are four 4×6-inch video screens that are used to see what’s on the road ahead of Thor 24 Truck. Entertainment is provided by a 40-inch TV screen and a 1,500-watt audio system. A Hawker Jet helicopter engine powers auxiliary generator for the truck.