The Porsche 911 Turbo S is a quick car by anyone’s reckoning. You can see just how quick it is in this drag race video. But there is always a company somewhere that feels they can make such cars just that little bit quicker, in this case it is tuning outfit Manhart. The Manhart TR 850 is the German company’s take on the 911 Turbo S.

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A power surge

Manhart applies it treatment to several German models from hatches to SUVs (as you can see at this link). In the case of the Manhart TR 850 the previous generation, Porsche 991.2 Turbo serves as the starting point. Manhart Performance ramps up power in the TR 850 to 626 kW (850 hp) along with a massive 1 090 N.m of torque. Those figures represent almost 200 kW of additional power and 390 N.m over the standard version.

Watch the new 911 Turbo S race against the battery powered Taycan in this video.

To achieve these outputs the 3,8-litre boxer motor receives larger intercoolers, an aluminium intake system, sports air filter and a new exhaust system. These hardware changes are combined with an ECU remap to let the turbochargers breathe more freely. The Manhart TR 850 conversion also features upgraded clutches in the PDK transmission.

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Manhart claims the TR 850 sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,4 seconds and through 200 km/h in just 4,9 seconds; that latter figure makes it nearly as quick as a current Formula One car to the same speed increment. Vmax is said to be well over 330 km/h. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S high-performance tyres are tasked with putting down the power. They measure 255/30 ZR21 on the front and 325/25 ZR21 on the rear. These are wrapped around Levella LVL 1.1 multi-spoke rims. Lowering springs by H&R reduce the ground clearance by 30 mm.