Company CEO, Elon Musk announced the fifth model in the company’s automotive line-up, known as the Tesla Model Y. The computer geeks over at Tesla could not resist, and the current range of automotive offerings is the S – 3 – X – Y…

A new addition

The Tesla Model Y bolsters the company’s SUV range. This is an all-electric, mid-size, entry-level model SUV. Tesla Model Y will be available in various derivatives: Standard Range, Long Range, Dual-Motor AWD, and Performance. The company quotes a total range of 370 km for the short-range version and 480 km for the long-range battery pack.

At the launch event Musk quoted a 0-96 km/h (60 mph) acceleration time of 3,5 seconds, ensuring it will embarrass all but the quickest supercars. Top speed is quoted as 240 km/h.

Click here to watch a Tesla take on some quick machines in a drag race.

Plenty of space

Tesla Model Y has (optional) seating for seven adults and offers all the technology of its siblings. It will also come with a panoramic glass roof and high seating for an added sense of spaciousness. Accessing the cabin of the Tesla Model Y is done via smartphone, it has no key.

The interior has an extremely minimalist look with a single 15-inch touchscreen interface inside for all of the car’s controls. Owners can also use the Tesla Mobile app for features such as remote unlock, remote pre-conditioning, location tracking, and much more.

The Tesla Model Y is compatible with Tesla’s current Supercharger network. 12 000 Superchargers are found in 36 countries. You can order your Model Y in various markets (not South Africa) right now and take delivery late next year.