Automakers produce many cars that petrolheads never get to see. Prototypes and concepts are part of the development process as car manufacturers decide what will and won’t work. This week we get a rare look inside the secret BMW M garage.

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Birthday Celebrations

BMW’s M division turns 50 in 2022. To celebrate this landmark date the company has created new models. BMW is also celebrating is by giving fans a rare look at prototypes that have never been seen by anyone outside the company before.

Click here to read about the BMW M4 CSL which was created for the 50th celebration.

The BMW M YouTube channel has shown us some interesting cars thus far. This week they gave us a look into the secret BMW M garage. In this video we get to see the BMW Z3 M Roadster V12, yep a V12 and the E31 BMW M8. The latter was almost a reality and it would have become the very first M8. 

Check out the history of the BMW CSLs at this link.

The E34 BMW M5 convertible (pictured above) is another really interesting prototype that did not make it into production. The BMW M5 has appeared in sedan and wagon guises before. However, there has never been a drop top version, but it seems BMW did consider it for a while. The BMW M5 convertible has seating for four and folding soft top roof.

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