The guys over at Car Wow have assembled two interesting rivals for this super estate drag race. In this latest drag race from the UK automotive site lines up the Mercedes-AMG E63 S estate against the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo S E-Hybrid.

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Two peas

Both cars are powered by twin-turbocharged V8 engines. The similarities continue with the peak torque outputs, which is 850 N.m apiece. Maximum power is rated as 450 kW for the Mercedes-AMG and an even 500 kW for the Porsche. The Porsche also has the added benefit of its hybrid component, which adds a wallop of torque before the turbochargers are fully on song. Both cars feature all-wheel-drive and launch control programmes to help them get off the line as quickly as possible.

Close battle

On paper this super estate drag race is a very close affair. Catch all the action in the video below as the two cars have a standing start race, a rolling race and a brake test challenge.