Engine swaps are not new. What is new is the fact that many engine transplants these days are swapping petrol power for battery power. Just last week we showcased a 1949 Mercury Coupe that was given a new lease of life with electric power. The Streetfighter LA Electric Porsche 911 features a similar upgrade.

Tesla powered

Streetfighter LA specialises in modifying and tuning cars. For the recent SEMA show the company’s co-owner Dylan Coleman wanted to showcase something special, and so he did.

What you are looking at is a 1977 Porsche, which the firm calls E-RWB. The looks alone make it show-worthy. A wide-body kit, custom alloys and a refurbished interior place it up there with the best resto-modded Porsches out there.

Streetfigher LA ripped out the standard flat-six motor and in its place there is a Tesla electric motor, sourced from EV West, a company that specialises in electric car conversions. The motor slotted straight into the standard engine bay with no real bodywork adjustment needed. Power is rated as 522 kW on the wheels.

To ensure that it can that translate power to the tar the Streetfighter LA Electric Porsche 911 rides on a full adjustable suspension. The BBS alloys are wrapped in semi-slick rubber for added traction. The wide-body kit comes from famous Porsche styling and tuning firm RWB.

Custom looks

Inside has been given a modern-retro feel. A wooden steering wheel takes pride of place in the full refurbished cabin. While completely modernised the cabin looks very much like a Porsche from the 1970s. New-spec head- and taillamps give the car a fresh, crisp look.

While many ‘purists’ must be annoyed by such engine swaps, the electrification of the car scene will probably save more cars that it destroys. More importantly, it’ll ensure we get to enjoy such models into the future when vehicle emissions are banned completely.