UK automotive site, Car Wow arranges the most pertinent drag races for the South African market, such as this sports coupe drag race. The models on offer in the UK are usually quite similar to those on local sales listings so if you want to know which cars are quick in a straight line then you must pay a visit to their YouTube channel.

Click here to watch two super-saloons go head-to-head.

In this week’s challenge, Matt Watson lines up a sports coupe drag race. The latest, 992 generation 911 takes on the Audi R8 V10 vs a Nismo edition Nissan GT-R vs a BMW M850i xDrive. Click here to read our recent review of the BMW M850i.

The results are not a foregone conclusion, despite there being a bit of a power discrepancy across all four cars. Apart from a standing start drag race, there is also a rolling run and a brake test – enjoy.