Record Porsche sales in 2019 thanks to strong performances in all key markets. The German company released its year-end results and has much to smile about. The automaker handed over 280 800 vehicles to customers in 2019, a ten percent increased compared with the previous year. Sales revenue rose by eleven percent to €28,5 billion and most importantly the workforce grew by ten percent to 35 429 employees. Almost all those jobs were created thanks to the all-new Taycan production facility

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Market growth

Unsurprisingly it was the SUVs that raked in the big numbers. Cayenne and Macan were responsible for a significant increase in deliveries: 92 055 for Cayenne and 99 944 for Macan worldwide. 31 618 vehicles were delivered in Porsche’s home market of Germany and 88 975 in total throughout Europe. In China 86 752 new vehicles were handed over to customers, an eight percent increase compared with 2018. In the USA, Porsche grew by eight percent to 61 568 vehicles.

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Electrification plans

By 2024, Porsche will invest around €10 billion in the hybridisation, electrification and digitalisation of its cars. The next all-electric model to be launched will be the first Taycan derivative, the Cross Turismo (as we reported in this earlier story). The next-generation Macan SUV will also be electrically powered. This will make it Porsche’s second, fully battery-powered model series. Porsche anticipates that by the middle of this decade half of its entire product range will be sold as fully electric models or partially electric plug-in hybrids.

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In his own words

“As a pioneer for sustainable mobility Porsche has implemented important measures in recent years. 2019 saw the introduction of many emotive new products. Among other things, we launched the Taycan, our first all-electric sports car,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “Thanks to our attractive product range, consisting of efficient petrol-driven cars, high-performance plug-in hybrids and now also purely electric sports cars, our deliveries once again increased in the 2019 financial year. Our primary goal is value-creating growth. We have increased our result by more than 60 percent over the past five years. This allows us to create the prerequisites to fully meet our entrepreneurial responsibilities in economic, ecological and social areas.”

“We had already received around 30,000 serious purchase enquiries for the Taycan before our world premiere in September,” says Blume. “More than 15 000 customers have now signed their purchase contract. We are confident that we will also be able to generate a high demand in 2020 as a result of the attractiveness of the Taycan and our 911, 718 and Cayenne derivatives.”

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