With the passing of entrepreneur, fashion designer, artist and free thinker, Virgil Abloh, automaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the fruits of their last collaboration. Project Maybach is the culmination of a long-established relationship between Abloh and the German automaker. It sees as an entirely new spin on the ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach brand.

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A unique prospect

A collaboration between Abloh and chief designer for Daimler, Gorden Wagener, sees the creation of the concept pictured above.

Project Maybach is a far cry from the city prowling limos and SUVs that usually carry the ‘double M’ badge. Essentially, it is a tribute to exploring the great outdoors – a practical and artistic take on automotive design. The stylish off-roader is an electric coupé that combines bulky yet stylish Gran Turismo proportions, large yet practical off-road wheels and distinctive attachments.

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Bespoke creation

Project Maybach is completely new from the ground up. Seemingly, every part is built from scratch. Design cues from other Maybach models are carried over, such as the dual-tone livery. However, in this case, it also serves a functional purpose as the bonnet features solar panels to capture solar energy to recharge the battery.

Further, proper off-road credentials are assured thanks to the knobbly tyres and high ride height. Lighting has taken priority as there are no fewer than 10 forward-facing lamps. Skid plates, front and rear, as well as an external roll cage are just some of the safety items. In contrast to the rugged exterior, the interior of Project Maybach features premium materials in the same light hue as the exterior. An expansive ‘greenhouse’ provides plenty of light in the two-seater.

Project Maybach innovation

While we doubt this ultra-lux off-roader will ever see the light of day, the project is inspiring. It is a true showcase of how collaboration is the key to innovation.