Behold the Novitec NLargo McLaren 720S. For those who don’t know: NLargo refers to the wide-body kits developed by the German tuner for select supercars. The Novitec NLargo McLaren 720S Spider is limited to just 15 units worldwide. Click here to check out other Novitec creations on our site.

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The wide-body kit, manufactured from carbon-fibre, was designed in partnership with German designer Vittorio Strosek It is meant to give the car a more aggressive appearance adding 60 mm to the front and 130 mm to the width at the rear. It has been tested in the wind tunnel for better aerodynamics.

The NLargo kit allows Novitec to adopt 12×21-inch wheels on the rear axle. These are shod with Pirelli tyres measuring 325/25. The front wheels are 9×20-inch on 245/30 tyres. The alloys were designed for Novitec by American specialists Vossen. A lowering kit, of 35 mm, adds to the appearance.

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A plug-and-play Novitec piggy-back ECU remaps injection and ignition timing while increasing boost pressure as well. The company offers three levels of power. In its highest state of tune, the twin-turbocharged 4,0-litre V8 has a peak of 592 kW with maximum torque of 878 N.m. That’s an additional 63 kW power 108 N.m of torque over a standard McLaren 720S. Novitec claims its new creation zips from rest to 100 km/h in just 2,7 seconds and reaches 200 km/h after just 7,5. Top speed is claimed as 346 km/h.

If you want your Novitec NLargo McLaren 720S to sound as leery as it looks then the company also offers various high-performance exhaust systems including an extremely light Inconel option. The exhaust system features two polished stainless or matte black tailpipes with a diameter of 95 mm.