Nissan has taken the approach of constantly fine-tuning its performance halo model, the GT-R, since its launch over 10 years ago. This year the company has created the Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary edition to celebrate 50 years of GT-R racing history. This isn’t to be confused with the special GT-R50 that was unveiled last year. Click here to learn more of this stunning creation.

An American debut

The latest upgrade to the R35 generation GT-R was launched at the New York International Auto Show, in the US, where it will be sold as a 2020 model. The 2020 Nissan GT-R will come in three trim levels in most markets: Premium, Track Edition and Nismo, but it is the Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary that aficionados will be after.

More performance

New turbochargers and exhaust manifolds, inspired by racing technology, are in part responsible for the slight upgrade in power. The GT-R’s exhaust note is sung through a new titanium muffler, featuring titanium finishers with burnished blue tips. Max power from the twin-turbocharged 3,8-litre V6 is now rated as 441 kW with 652 N.m of torque.

To transmit this added power to the road the Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary features a revised six-speed dual-clutch transmission with a refined “R mode,” made for both road and track. This revised transmission features more aggressive downshifts with gear selection taking place during ABS engagement, resulting in reduced understeer.

Steering feel has also been tuned to be more linear and precise than ever. A new brake booster increases the initial braking response by engaging with less pedal stroke, resulting in enhanced stopping power and feel.

Special colours and interior

The Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary will come in three, two-tone exterior colour combinations meant to represent the GT-R’s liveries from the Japan GP series. Bayside Blue with white racing stripes, Pearl White with red stripes and Super Silver with white stripes.

Inside the 50th Anniversary Edition is a special grey interior colour scheme. Additional model-specific features include unique steering wheel and shift knob trim, special seat embossing, an Alcantara headliner with unique stitching and Alcantara-wrapped sunvisors.

In their own words

“A GT-R is about total balance management,” said Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist for the GT-R. “It is not about chasing power figures, but creating a new GT-R, where no aspect has been overlooked. This is appropriate to celebrate the GT-R 50th anniversary. With the 2020 GT-R, we kept to the car’s concept – pursuing ultimate driving pleasure. Once you take hold of the steering wheel, you will immediately know that no other car in the world delivers as much satisfaction to the driver, both physically and spiritually.”

“The Nissan GT-R has been the icon of our company’s driving performance for the past half-century,” said Shinichiro Irie, program design director for the GT-R. “We were highly motivated to ensure that the GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition stands out. While the exterior and interior changes may seem subtle at first glance, they’re still impactful, especially with the new paint schemes, keeping the car’s lines and overall presence modern and edgy.”