Mercedes-Benz, you may be surprised to learn, offers no fewer than seven SUV models in its portfolio. Today the German automaker added another offering to that side of its family, known as the Mercedes-Benz GLB.

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Middle ground

In Mercedes-Benz speak the further down the alphabet one goes the larger the vehicle. Using that logic we see that the Mercedes-Benz GLB fits in between the compact GLA and larger GLC. The GLB has ten centimetres more wheelbase that the new B-Class. Its dimensions major dimensions are 4634/1834/1658 mm for length/width/height, respectively. It will be available in five- or seven-seater guises, optionally.

Mercedes designers have given the new model several cues to underline its off-roading ability, such as strong haunches, muscular arches and cues such as the aluminium trim. These looks are underlined by optional 4Matic drivetrains, with fully-variable torque distribution. In regular driving operation, the drive program “Eco/Comfort” is based on an 80:20 distribution (front:rear). In off-road mode the all-wheel drive clutch acts as an inter-axle differential lock, with the basic distribution a balanced 50:50.


The international Mercedes-Benz GLB line-up includes five models. Two of those are petrol powered and the remainder are turbodiesels. On the petrol front the GLB200 is powered by a 1,3-litre turbopetrol engine that is mated with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The engine is good for 120 kW and 250 N.m of torque. The 2,0-litre GLB250 engine is coupled with an eight-speed transmission that has to handle 165 kW and 350 N.m.

Turbodiesel options are badged GLB200d and GLB220d, both displace 2,0-litres. The former engine produces 110 kW/320 N.m and is available in all-wheel- or front-wheel-drive versions. The GLB220d engine develops 140 kW/400 N.m. All diesel motors are mated with an eight-speed transmission.

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New-gen interface

All Mercedes-Benz GLB model will come standard with the company’s MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). Full-colour screens with high-definition graphics, with customisable options, optional navigation with augmented reality, learning-capable software and the voice control are just some highlights of the system.