Mercedes-Benz’s X-Class range has been met with mixed reactions. The links with Nissan are tough to overlook and many feel that the model is quite overpriced for what it is. If you are not a fan of the current X-Class pick-up, but still want all the hallmarks of a Mercedes and a bakkie in one package, then the Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Bakkie is just the thing for you.

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Made in America

This non-factory model was created by an American company called German Motorcars from Florida in the USA, where else? Their bakkie, or pick-up if you are reading this outside of South Africa, is based on a Mercedes-Benz 420SEL from the 1980s.

The company removed the entire rear passenger cabin, along with part of the roof and rear doors. In its place is a load bay that is long and wide, as the donor car is quite large to start with. To keep things presentable an aluminium lid was fitted over the rear deck. There is no info on load-carrying capacity, but we’d guess that the Mercedes-Benz 420SEL bakkie is ideal for light loads, such as garden refuse or bicycles.

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Otherwise original

Inside, the car builders of the Mercedes-Benz 420SEL bakkie were sensible in retaining the original facia, seats, and upholstery, why not travel in style even if it is in a bakkie. The blue leather trim was a standard colour of the era when the car was launched and is matched on the outside by the bespoke paint finish.

Under the bonnet is the standard 4,2-litre V8 as found in all 420SEL models from the factory. Power was rated at about 170 kW. As with the saloon, torque is delivered to the rear axle through a four-speed automatic transmission.