We’ve been following the story of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series since its power rating and performance stats were leaked to us months ago. Now GT Black Series images have leaked onto the internet weeks before the car’s rumoured launch at the Chengdu Motor Show, July 24th to August 2nd, in China.

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Latest Black Series uncovered

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series images you see here seem to be the very first of the car without any attempt to disguise its appearance. From earlier images and video we could gauge some of the car’s aero package. A deeply sculpted bonnet, slatted front wheel arches and a prominent front splitter are offset by a massive adjustable wing. The aggressive appearance makes it seem like a refugee from the racetrack, just slap on some decals and you’re good to race.

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Black Series is the most extreme iteration of any particular AMG range. It is a badge reserved for vehicles with two doors. The last such model to wear the title was the bonkers SLS AMG. Test mules of the GT Black Series have been seen in camouflage testing at the Nurburgring (see video below) for many months so the car’s existence is not a closely guarded secret.

Twin-turbo V8

As we reported before, the GT Black Series is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 motor. The basic layout is similar to other current performance variants but there has been extensive revision for the apex AMG. Rumour has it that Mercedes has moved away from placement of the the turbochargers within the V of the block to a more traditional layout outside the heads.

Power output of this new motor is a massive 530 kW. Maximum torque is rated at 800 N.m, though some reports have that figure as high as 850 N.m. These power outputs will make the GT Black Series the most powerful AMG for sale to the public, a title currently held by the GT63 S, which we reviewed here.

As with its GT siblings, power will be sent to the rear transaxle dual-clutch transmission. Performance figures for the car are expected to be suitably brisk. A zero-to-100 km/h time of under three seconds is on the cards with a top speed in excess of 320 km/h.