We brought you the story below about the upcoming  McLaren GT. We’ve added a newly released video at the bottom of this post.

For a company that started volume production just a few years ago (remember the MP4-12c? that was launched eight years ago), it seems in a real hurry to produce new models and derivatives. Enter another new model to bolster the current range, called the McLaren Grand Tourer.

A quiet intro

The Grand Tourer was announced a few weeks ago. McLaren made the news public during the week of the Geneva Motor Show. Thanks to the fuss made over the myriad other high-end, sports-, super-, and hypercars launched that week, the McLaren Grand Tourer was a bit overshadowed.

At the time of its announcement company CEO, Mike Flewitt, said that the interior of the all-new model will feel spacious, uncluttered and modern. He also promised that the McLaren of Grand Tourers will be the most usable mid-engined car yet.


This week we’re given a better indication of what the McLaren Grand Tourer will look like. We get a clear view of the shape, head- and taillamps, though body remains covered by a shrink-wrapped camouflaged livery. The company’s press release states that this disguise will be peeled off from May.

McLaren’s development team has already encompassed thousands of kilometres in hot and cold climates across the globe. This week the team will drive 1 600 km from McLaren’s development base near Barcelona, Spain, back to the McLaren Technology Centre in England. To prove its GT credentials the team will drive the trip in a single stint with two occupants and a full complement of luggage.

Four of twenty-five

Flewitt promised that the fourth car to be launched under the company’s Track25 Business Plan will combine competition levels of performance from a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with continent-crossing capability and a level of agility never experienced before in the Grand Tourer segment.

The McLaren of Grand Tourers will also be the only one to share its DNA with a Hyper-GT: McLaren’s Speedtail. Mike went on to say that the car – a name is yet to be announced – won’t be part of any of the company’s existing model Series and will be a unique, tailored model.