Multiple Formula One Champ, and winner of the most recent F1 race, Lewis Hamilton, and Mercedes F1 showed a softer side to F1 today when they arranged his F1 car sent to cancer sufferer.

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Hamilton received good luck message ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, which took place yesterday, from five-year-old Harry Shaw. Shaw is suffering from a rare form of terminal cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma.

Hamilton was moved by the video that was shared to Instagram. He said that he would try to make Harry proud at the race.

“I had a really nice message from him, and we’d sent him a card and a cap, and I saw that today, and going into the race, I was looking for something for inspiration, something to grab onto, so I dedicated that race to him. You try and go out there and do something for someone, but it doesn’t always turn out as well as it has. I hope he’s watching. I’ll be sending him a message shortly after this that he’ll get, and we’re going to try and do something special for him.”

He said after winning the race: “Today, I was just super-inspired by this kid that sent me a message.”

Little Shaw sent another message after the race, you can see that by clicking here.

Mercedes F1 Team rushed Hamilton’s winning car from Barcelona, as well as the winning trophy, to the UK for Shaw. His illness, which was diagnosed over a year ago, has no cure and he has been given just a few more weeks to live.

Harry’s father, James Shaw, said: “I don’t know Lewis, but I think what we’ve seen is what a genuine, decent, lovely person he is. That was a heartfelt message he did and he won that Grand Prix for Harry and that means a lot.”