We have covered several Novitec creations on our site over the last few years (as you can see by clicking here), but the company’s latest creation may be our favourite of them all. Just 15 examples of the Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F8 Tributo will be built, which probably means it’s too late to place our order… bummer. Read about the ‘regular’ Novitec F8 here.

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Wider than stock

Any Novitec build that has the word N-Largo in its name is wearing one of the company’s wide body kits. In the case of the N-Largo Ferrari F8 Tributo the unique styling adds 130 mm to the width of the Italian sportscar. The carbon-fibre kit was designed in-house and tested in the company’s own wind tunnel for better aero efficiency, downforce and cooling. The side elements, in particular, have large air intakes to supply the engine and the rear brakes with fresh air.

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The front and rear bumpers are replaced entirely. Up front is a new front spoiler with side flaps that reduces aerodynamic lift to improve handling stability at high speeds. This is balanced by a “ducktail” spoiler and diffuser at the rear. Wider fenders, front and rear, have necessitated larger alloys. Custom items measure 22x12J wrapped with 335/25 tyres at the rear and 21×9,5J with 255/30 footwear up front. N-Largo rocker panels create an optimal aerodynamic transition between the front and rear flares.

More oomph

To match the more aggressive appearance the Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F8 Tributo has more power. This is achieved by fitting two plug-and-play Novitec N-Tronic control modules. The units introduce special mapping for injection and ignition and ramp up boost pressure. The final engine upgrade is a less restrictive sports exhaust system.

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The net result is peak power of 602 kW at 7 960 r/min and a whopping 903 N.m of peak torque from the twin-turbocharged V8. Novitec says the limited-edition model accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 2,6 seconds and reaches a speed200 km/h after just 7,4 seconds. The top speed is over 340 km/h.