A few months ago we brought you news about a brand MPV from Hyundai called the Staria (we covered the model and its derivatives in this post). Earlier this week the company revealed another version called the Hyundai Staria Multicab. 

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Smaller, sort of…

The Hyundai Staria Multicab is a smaller version of the Staria, well, sort of. The previously introduced versions have nine or eleven seats. This newest variant has ‘just’ five and a massive loading area. Two rows of seats feature five chairs with three-point seat belts for each. The second row of seating is accessed by two sliding doors. 

Overall the size of the Staria has not changed, neither has the futuristic (and sometimes divisive) styling. At over 5,2 metres long and nearly two metres wide and with five seats there is enough room in the cargo area for two standard Euro pallets, handy if you run a business that lugs large loads. In regular speak, you can carry a bicycle for just about all your passengers without sacrificing seating space – handy. 

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Standard features

Fitted to all the derivatives of the Staria is Hyundai’s smart infotainment system with an eight-inch touch-screen display, which features Android  Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is also a crisp digital display ahead of the driver. 

Cooling and warming of the cabin are handled by a climate control system. The driver’s seat features electrical adjustment and there are storage bins above both front passengers. Manoeuvring is made easier by sensors in both front and rear bumpers as well as a rear-facing camera.

One powertrain

There isn’t much to choose from when it comes to the oily bit under the bonnet. Power is derived from Hyundai’s, now familiar, 2,2-litre turbodiesel engine. The all-aluminium unit produces 130 kW and 430 N.m of torque. The sole transmission option is an eight-speed torque-converter auto.

On the road

Hyundai SA arranged a leisurely drive for us to experience the Staria Multicab on the outskirts of Cape Town earlier this week. Our very impression is that of space, the Staria has oodles of the stuff. Sightlines from the captain’s chair are great, though we really wish Hyundai had fitted a pair of armrests to enjoy on the open road. The open road, the size isn’t a massive factor, but you have to be aware of the length when changing lanes, made a bit easier by the standard blind-spot monitoring system. The eight-speed auto and turbodiesel mill work well in conjunction. 

From the less than ideal road surfaces we could tell that the Staria’s suspension is set up to carry a load, which is presumably what most owners will be doing most of the time. We can’t imagine one would often be driving this vehicle if you didn’t have people/cargo to haul.

Hyundai Staria Multicab summary

At R759 900 the Hyundai Staria Multicab slots in above its main rivals from VW and Toyota. However, the newcomer has a great deal more standard specification and looks least like it should be covered by the branding of a local business, though we are pretty sure most of them will be. In that regard, it will serve dual roles as a family car and business tool for many fledgling entrepreneurs who need a vehicle that they can use during the weekend and on the weekends.