Double Apex attended the 2024 Beijing Auto Show as guest of Chery Auto South Africa. We share with you some of the highlights of the showcase in the gallery below.

The 2024 Beijing Auto Show is going against the grain. Time and time again we have read that the traditional, in-person, motor show is dead, but no one told the Chinese that. The show was absolutely buzzing with people. The media day alone was busier than any we’ve experienced at any mainstream European showcase.

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Being Present

The 2024 Beijing Auto Show had all the major OEMs in attendance. This is in stark contrast to those very firms that have chosen not to display at the former large exhibitions, such as the Geneva Show. But that should not really be a surprise as the Chinese domestic, new-vehicle marker was worth about 25 million units in 2023. The Chinese domestic market sells the same number of new vehicles in a week that South Africa does in a year… just to put things into perspective.


As expected, there were many new models shown for the very first time in the Chinese capital. Automakers know that they simply cannot ignore this market. Some reports state that the number of reveals exceeded 110. These included the all-new, electric G-Wagen (more here) the PHEV Lamborghini Urus and several other European models.

Of course, Chinese models took the bulk of the attention. Most won’t be sold outside of their borders. Some will, such as the new Chery flagship called the Tiggo 9 (more here) that is coming to SA. There were countless others with interesting design language, high-tech interiors and unrecognised badges. It probably goes without saying that electrification is now commonplace. I’d guess that EVs outnumbered ICE models by some margin at the show.

The constant comment from within the motoring industry used to be “The Chinese are coming”. That now needs to change to “The Chinese are here.” Without further ado, check out a gallery of images below.

  • 2024 Beijing Auto Show
  • Tiggo 9 Pro Max PHEV unveil
  • 2024 Beijing Auto Show
  • 2024 Beijing Auto Show