If you have a decent level of driving skill and/or some form of racing background, then pay close attention. Durban-based Backdraft Racing will loan you a free racecar to compete in the 2020 SA Endurance Racing Series. Yes, you read that correctly, a free racecar. Backdraft will loan out ten cars for willing, and able teams, to compete in South Africa’s best-subscribed race series.

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Backdraft Racing is headed up by former South African Driver’s Champion and Daytona 24-Hour winner, Tony Martin who says: “We have loaned cars to teams capable of competing at this level of racing and all we are asking in return is they guarantee to be ready and present for both practice and the race at each event in the series.”

“It is not a gimmick and the cars are all prepared to within a couple of horsepower of each other and are identical in every other way. They are extremely competitive, not only against each other but will be able to challenge other marques involved in the series.”

The Backdraft Roadsters are open-top racers powered by 224 kW Lexus V8 engines driving the rear wheels through a BMW gearbox and limited-slip differential. There are no electronic aids whatsoever, not even anti-lock brakes. Drivers have to know what they are doing if they aim to extract a good lap time out of these racecars.

Endurance challenge 

The South African Endurance Racing series consists of six events at racetracks around the country. All bar one are four-hour races. The final at Killarney in Cape Town in December will be a seven-hour event. The season-opener takes place at Aldo Scribante near Port Elizabeth on March 21.

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Competing teams are free to enlist their own sponsors to cover running costs. They will not be allowed to make any modifications to the racecars beyond basic race-day and handling setup. A fully kitted parts transporter will stock a full range of spares at each race. Backdraft will have their own ‘policeman’ to assist competitors and to ensure compliance to the rules where necessary. Nothing on the engine, transmission or brakes can be changed.

In his own words

“The spectacle of the 10 Backdraft Roadsters racing is going to add a whole new dimension to the series this year,” enthuses Martin. “Within the series itself there will be a Roadster class – so if anyone has a roadster and wants to come and join the fun, they are more than welcome.”

“Everything I have today has come from racing so this idea is both a way to give something back to the sport I love and to add a new dimension to the SA Endurance Racing series,” he concludes.

More info on the Backdraft Endurance facebook page.