If you’re motorsport fans, like us, then you’ve probably already seen the recent big-screen release, Ford vs Ferrari. If you haven’t, we highly recommend it. The movie recounts how auto giant Ford set about beating Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now the movie GT40 is up for sale.

This car has been signed by Ken Miles’ 1966 crew chief, Charlie Agapiou, and Peter Miles, Ken Miles’ son, who features strongly in the movie. The car will go under the hammer early next year and is expected to fetch roughly $300 000.

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Screen star

The movie GT40 (pictured) is the car that Christian Bale’s character, Ken Miles drove in Ford v Ferrari. It is finished iconic Gulf Oil livery. Using original GT40s, which are rare, for filming is prohibitively expensive, so this GT40 was built by Superformance in California. This car is an exact replica of the original GT40 MkII monocoque unibody structure.

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Superformance used toggle switches, screws, interior materials, and the other small details to keep the car as near to original as possible. You may have noticed that the car is right-hand drive but it has the gearshifter on the right-hand side. This was done in the original racecars to accommodate American drivers.

Big motor

The one area that the replica takes leave from the original car is its engine. This car is fitted with a Roush V8 that displaces a massive 8,4-litres. Power is rated as 450 kW along with 775 N.m of torque. The replica even has the famous “bundle of snakes” exhaust manifold, which made it ideal for engine shots in the movie. Look really closely and you will note a modern fuel injection system.

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The suspension is based on the original race car layout with unequal length double wishbones up front and trailing arms in the back. Just like the original GT40, the Superformance version uses a rack and pinion steering and ventiltated disc brakes with a single caliper front and rear.