A few weeks ago we brought you a story of an interesting video that Ferrari was busy working on (you can read our original piece by clicking here) called Le Grand Rendez-Vous.

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The video, which you can watch below, can be considered a remake of C’était un Rendez-Vous. The latter is a short movie shot by French filmmaker Claude Lelouch on the streets of Paris in 1976 (you can watch the original movie here). Lelouch’s movie became a cult classic among petrolheads. For years rumours abounded about the “mystery” driver, whom many guessed was an F1 pilot from the era. The soundtrack of a Ferrari engine note was dubbed over the single-shot action sequence.

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Modern interpretation

Ferrari’s modern interpretation Le Grand Rendez-Vous was shot on the streets of Monaco on the very same weekend that the Formula One race would have taken place in the principality. But as we know the race was cancelled due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The streets of the most famous harbour town in the world were closed to traffic for the occasion. A film crew of 17 used a variety of different cameras to capture the Ferrari in action. The co-star in the original is Gunilla Friden, Lelouch’s then-partner. The young florist appearing at the beginning and end of the newer version is Rebecca Blanc-Lelouch, granddaughter to the 1976 couple.

In Le Grand Rendez-Vous current Scuderia F1 driver Charles Leclerc drives a Ferrari SF90 Stradale on the street circuit, a venue that, until this year, had hosted 65 consecutive editions of the single-seater race. Leclerc, who is a local Monaco native, flung the twin-turbocharged V8 735 kW hybrid hypercar through corners he usually tackles in his other company car. At times the two-time F1 winner got up to speeds of 240 km/h on the streets of his hometown.