A few weeks ago UK automotive website answered a question that has plagued petrolheads for years: is an F1 machine quicker than the fastest production car? In that race the pitted a Red Bull Racing F1 racer against a Bugatti Chiron. You can watch that race by clicking this link. This week they go one further by arranging a drag race where an F1 vs modified cars.

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Single seater

The 2011 Red Bull Racing Formula One racer is a slightly older model car. The RB7, driven by former F1 pilot and multiple race winner David Coulthard, is powered by a 2,4-litre V8 that revs to dizzying heights. It produces in excess of 558 kW, which does not sound like much, but it weighs just 650 kg. That gives it a power to mass ratio of 860 kW/ton.

Check out a single-seat race series that will race in SA early next year by clicking here.

Modified coupes

Representing road cars in this F1 vs modified cars race are two very different coupes. A Lamborghini Huracan has been fitted with two turbochargers. The 5,2-litre V10 now produces almost 900 kW along with 1 240 N.m of torque. It has the advantage of all-wheel-drive to send that drive to the tar.

Watch the world’s quickest electric car race the current quickest Ferrari.

A favourite of the modifying world is the Nissan GT-R. This version has an engine that has been enlarged to 4,1 litres, from the standard car’s 3,8. The twin-turbo mill produces a whopping 970 kW and 1 290 N.m of twist effort. Both coupes have impressive power outputs but neither is a lightweight. Which do you think will prevail in the F1 vs modified cars? Let us know on our Facebook page. If you enjoy the video please feel free to share using the social media share buttons below.