Exclusive to Double Apex: we have learned of Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro SA pricing.

Just a few days back we brought you the price of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. The info, correct at the time, has since been updated. We have included the new pricing below, in bold font.

Story updated

A few months ago we brought you a story of the most extreme Mercedes-AMG sportscar launched to date, called the AMG GT R Pro. This isn’t to be confused with the upcoming AMG One hypercar, which you can read more about by clicking here that is only due for release in a year’s time.

Pricing leaked

Thanks to some ‘finger trouble’ with one of Mercedes webmasters, pricing of the new model was leaked via the firm’s local configurator and sent exclusively to Double Apex by one of our readers. The grand total for a Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is:

R3 343 784 R3 910 293 including CO2 tax, in case you were wondering.

Interestingly, the AMG GT R Pro is not a standalone model, as most initially expected. Rather, one has to buy a ‘regular’ AMG GT R and add the Pro kit to create the more track-focused version. The Pro package costs R274 083 R554 000.

For your added dosh you get the following: carbon-fibre bucket seats, ride control suspension, an exterior carbon package, a high-performance carbon-ceramic braking system, a track package, grippy tyres wrapped around 19-inch alloys at the front and 20-inch items at the rear as well as the aero kit for added downforce.


A redesigned front apron has two dive planes on the edges. The front splitter has been extended further forward and is held by small metal braces, which stabilise the front splitter at higher speeds.

Air slots in the front wings effectively vent the wheel arches and help reduce reducing front-axle lift. The active aerodynamics at play in the underbody, an air regulation system in the front apron and the large wing on the hatch are part of the standard specification. The rear wing is fitted with a lip (gurney) to increase downforce on the rear axle.

Unchanged power

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro has the same power level as the ‘regular’ GT R. Max power from the 4,0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 remains at 430 kW along with 700 N.m of peak torque. Power is delivered to the rear axle via a twin-clutch transaxle. Electronically controlled dynamic engine and transmission mounts have been retuned to increase agility and deliver high-precision response and clear feedback to the driver.

For more info on the AMG GT R Pro you can read our initial report by clicking here.