Polish customisation firm Carlex Design makes aggressive kits for a select range of modern European vehicles. Their most recent artwork, however, is their idea of what a 1970s Jaguar XJC would be like if recreated today. I can just see shotgun-wielding Vinnie Jones driving one of these in an upcoming Guy Ritchie movie.

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Clean lines

Although it’s quite well known in Europe for its styling conversions on Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Bentley vehicles, Carlex Design’s vision of a retromod Jaguar XJC takes us back to when car design was original. The iconic shape of the XJC, derived from the Series 2 sedan has been tweaked ever so slightly, with most of the changes coming from trim and bespoke items.

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Up front, the Carlex Design XJC distinguishes itself from the original by way of broad vertical slats in the grilles instead of the horizontal ones used in the ’70s. The headlamps are also larger than before, as they now fill those moulded recesses in the bonnet and front fenders. The most obvious omission is the original’s large chrome bumper, which is a trait that’s been continued at the rear end.

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Along the profile, the Carlex Design XJC features typical retromod fare; muscled-up wheel arches and fat low profile rubber sitting on wide alloys. Inside, the cabin’s been completely redone through the use of dark wood trim and custom seats and leather upholstery. There’s little detail in the way of powertrain info, though Carlex does mention that the XJC will be powered by a 300 kW V8 – nice!