A few days ago we brought you leaked images of the BMW 1 Series hatch. The pictures of that car leaked onto the internet a day ahead of the 1 Series official launch. Now 8 Series Gran Coupe images have been leaked onto the world wide web.

Soon to be released

It is becoming commonplace for auto manufacturers to send cars to publications and automotive YouTube channels with large followings ahead of the official launch date. They do so to give those outlets the jump when it comes to promulgating information on new models. Unfortunately, for the OEMs anyway, it seems that this has led to the ever-increasing, inadvertent early ‘debut’ of models, as is the case with these 8 Series Gran Coupe images.

Final family members

We’ve covered the BMW 8 Series extensively on our site for many months now. We drove the two-door coupe model when it arrived in SA earlier this year (full review here ) we reported on the 8 Series Convertible when it was unveiled and most recently we brought you all the info on the recently launched M8 models. At each stage, we reported that an 8 Series Gran Coupe was on the cards.

Gran Coupe is BMW speak for a four-door body style with a sloping roofline. With the addition of the GC the 8 Series family will be complete. The dark image (above) was released by BMW a few weeks ago as a teaser.

Similar powertrains

While the 8 Series Gran Coupe images have leaked onto the internet, there is no official word from BMW on the line-up. We can, however, speculate that it will closely mirror the two-door coupe derivative. Expect a 390 kW M850i as well as a heavy-hitting 441 kW M8 Gran Coupe and even more potent 460 kW M8 Gran Coupe Competition. The 8 Series Gran Coupe will feature all-wheel drive, as well, with power transferred by an eight-speed automatic transmission.

You can see the model being tested at the Nurburgring in the video below: