Nissan has been building up to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show be releasing images of different show cars each week. We covered the wild-looking Hyper Tourer last week. But nothing could have prepared us for the craziness that is the Nissan Hyper Force. 

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Due For Replacement

The most recent Nissan GT-R (R35) is now 15 years old, believe it or not. As a result, the model is due for replacement. Nissan must be holding out, weighing the advantages of a full-EV or a hybrid solution for the next GT-R. With that in mind, Nissan is definitely not calling this concept car a GT-R, even if that blurred out front badge looks awfully familiar. The company doesn’t event use those famous letters in its press material for the concept.

A MegaWatt of Power

The Nissan Hyper Force is an all-electric high-performance supercar aiming to deliver the ultimate in driving pleasure while also offering high environmental performance and comfort for daily use, so says Nissan.

The core of the crazy looking creation is an all-electric powertrain with up to 1 000 kW, a whole MegaWatt of power. A solid-state battery feeds the motors that are connected to an all-wheel-drive system. And that is all the tech info that was revealed about the car.

Mind-messing Interior

The Hyper Force features two driving modes: “GT” (grand touring) and “R” (racing), get it? The graphical user interface in the cabin changes colour and display according to the chosen mode. In GT mode all is blue and in R mode it switches to red. The graphics are the result of collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc, them of the Gran Turismo gaming fame.

Nissan says the Hyper Force offers augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that enables driving in both the real and the virtual world seamlessly. When the vehicle is stopped, the driver can use a special helmet with blind visors for VR that enables entering a gamified driving experience. This allows them to complete with modes that enable racing against the clock or online racers. 


The talking point, for most, will be the wild appearance of the Nissan Hyper Force. There are obvious nods to the GT-R, such as the taillamp design. Nissan says the exterior achieves high aerodynamic performance, which was developed together with the NISMO racing team, generating powerful downforce. 

Aero aids include a dual-level* rear diffuser front canards, front fender flips, while both ends of the rear wing feature unique active aero functionality. Lightweight forged carbon wheels aid aerodynamics and brake cooling.