Italian-based Ares Design has just unveiled its latest creation, the Panther Project 1. What you are looking at is production-ready, coach-built supercar.

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The first

Panther Project 1 is the first product of Ares Design’s ‘Legends Reborn’ program. It is not surprising to learn that the new model is named and styled after the legendary De Tomaso Pantera. Under the sleek new body is a Lamborghini Huracan. Panther Project 1 is based on the aluminum and carbon-fibre platform of the baby Lambo.

Under that bespoke skin is the Huracan’s 5,2-litre naturally aspirated V10. Power has been increased a touch to 472 kW with a reprogrammed ECU and new exhaust system. Peak torque of 600 N.m is still delivered via the Lambo’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and AWD system.

The exterior looks aren’t the only thing different compared to the Huracan. The interior of the Panther Project 1 is very different as well. The Huracan’s digital instrument cluster remains, but the rest is all-new. Lashings of carbon-fibre and leather, as well custom made Nappa leather and Alcantara upholstery are what owners can expect.

If you are keen to order one, expect to shell out R10,1m by today’s exchange rate, and you’ll have to wait three months for delivery.

Bespoke creations

Ares Design is the brainchild of former Lotus CEO Danny Bahar. Bahar saw the need for a company that offers truly bespoke automotive creations.

“We’re currently focussing on three core creations. Firstly, delivering bespoke automotive interiors and exteriors, like the world’s only Coupé version of the Bentley Mulsanne, the astonishing Ares X-Raid based on a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG or our Ares Design GT3 for Porsche Targa concept.

“Secondly, transforming classic cars into turnkey, tech-loaded, rock-solid, reliable cars that still look like the original from decades past, but without the potential “drama” of ownership. For example, our ’64 Corvette Sting Ray on the chassis of a C7. It looks like something straight out of a classic McQueen or Newman film, but features a 525hp V8, keyless go, LED halo beams, air conditioning, hi-fi stereo, Bluetooth, USB – all hidden under a big block bonnet and wrapped in red leather.

“Thirdly, the resurrection of automobile icons – our current ‘hero’ is a modern-day iteration of one of the most popular Italian-American sports cars of all time, the Pantera from the 1970s, with a completely new body sitting on the chassis of a modern, Italian supercar.”