911 Porsche

When it comes to cars, the Porsche has, and will continue to be, the diamond standard. The Porsche has come to represent the dreams and aspirations of millions of people, and has set the standard for the sports car the world over. The Porsche is in fact the original sports car.

The reason for this is primarily because Porsche never falls short when it comes to design, innovation and sheer engineering brilliance and the Porsche 911 contributes highly to the legacy of driving superiority that Porsche is renowned for.

The 911 was created in 1959 by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche as replacement to the 356 which officially stopped production in the year 1965. The 911 differs to the 356 particularly with regards to its power and size. The “boxier” model had – in its early stages – a 130 PS engine and two more seats than the 356.

There have been various models and variations of the 911 since its beginnings in 1959. These include the 911S of 1966, the 911 Targa of 1967, the 1969 911E amongst a host of others. However, there is one particular model that has earned its place in the hearts of Porsche collectors, and that version is the Porsche 911 Carrera RS of 1973.

This model, with its 210 PS engine, bigger sized breaks, wider wheels at the rear and its “ducktail” rear design is seen as the collector’s item of the entire Porsche range, and continues to be a much coveted. Weighing an approximate total of 100kg in light Sports-weight form, there were only a total of 1580 models produced, and those who are lucky enough to get to test drive, let alone own, even one of these models are envied by Porsche enthusiasts the world over. There is a possibility of in house financing Housto for the type of vehicles we offer!

There have been various models of the 911 produced after the Carrera that still satisfy the Porsche devotee. These include the 911 Turbo, the return of the Carrera series in 1984 amongst others. The Carrera has even made its reprise in 2012, and continues to be a very sought-after commodity. While there have been many sports cars that are said to out-perform the Porsche, very few have the stature, class or cultural value of the 911 range.

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