A few days ago we brought you a list outlining five motorsport movies we recommend for you and your family to enjoy this festive season. We followed that up with five road-trip movies worth watching. To further expand our advice in this field we bring you five motoring movies to absolutely avoid, even if you have nothing else to watch… just change the channel if any of these come across your screen.

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  1. Overdrive (2017):

A heist caper on wheels set in France? It could be charming! But instead, this Netflix film serves up a soulless blend of generic action and cheesy dialogue. The car chases are forgettable, the plot is riddled with potholes, and the acting is stuck in first gear. Avoid this one unless you enjoy watching beautiful cars driven badly.

  1. Biker Boyz (2003):

Remember when Orlando Bloom tried to be cool? Neither do we. This early 2000s attempt at capturing biker culture is more laughable than exhilarating. The melodrama is thicker than engine oil, the stereotypes sharper than motorcycle pegs, and the soundtrack makes you yearn for the peace and quiet of a traffic jam. Leave this one on the dusty backroad of bad movie decisions.

  1. Driven (2001):

Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Toby Maguire, racing, gambling, and… wait, is this a movie or a bad Vegas buffet? Driven throws everything against the wall in a misguided attempt at high-octane thrills, but the result is a messy, incoherent wreck. The CGI looks like it was drawn on a napkin, the performances are as flat as a trailer tyre, and the story goes nowhere faster than a downhill racer with no brakes. Take a hard pass on this one.

  1. Death Race (2008):

This post-apocalyptic prison flick with Jason Statham behind the wheel might sound like a festive treat. But the violence is gratuitous, the characters are one-dimensional, and the plot is as thin as a racing decal. It’s all noise and no engine, leaving you feeling like you just inhaled a cloud of exhaust fumes. Save yourself the headache and watch a real race instead.

  1. Driven to Kill (2009):

This direct-to-DVD B-movie tries to capitalize on the Fast & Furious craze, but ends up crashing and burning instead. The acting is laughable, the action sequences are cheap, and the overall feel is straight out of a bad 90s video game. Pass on this one unless you’re into cinematic car crashes of the most cringe-worthy kind.

So, there you have it! Five motoring movies to absolutely avoid this holiday season.

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