Volkswagen will debut the all-new GTI TCR tomorrow. Billed as the hottest GTI, the TCR version slots in between the current GTI and R models.

Most powerful

The Golf GTI TCR will deliver 213 kW between 5 000 and 6 800 r/min. Maximum torque of 370 N.m is on tap from 1 600 r/min up to 4 300.

Power is directed to the front axle via the company’s slick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). To ensure maximum traction a limited slip differential is in place as standard equipment.

Fastest ever GTI

Maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h, but can be increased to 264 km/h on request. This makes the new GTI TCR the fastest Golf GTI of the current model range.

If the TCR is close in execution to the highly lauded Clubsport S in terms of driving dynamics and performance it will allow a few more people to enjoy that level of performance. The Clubsport S was limited to 400 units worldwide, with only 40-odd making it to South Africa.

A special name

The newest GTI model takes its name from two-time overall winner of the international TCR race series. The racing version boasts 257 kW (about the same as most modded GTI Mk7 models in Jhb) and competes in the hotly contested production-based category.

Click here to catch some race action from the season opener.

This series is fast taking over from the World Touring Car Championship as the premier formula for manufacturers to contest. Audi, Hyundai, Honda and Peugeot are just some of the OEMs that build cars for customers to race.

A special event

VW is going to launch the car at the annual Worthersee event in Austria. The gathering at the lakeside town of Reifnitz started over 35 years ago as a GTI owners meet.

Today, it includes all VW AG brands including Lamborghini, Porsche and Skoda. Over 7 000 cars and 120 000 visitors make the pilgrimage to show off their cars to like-minded car enthusiasts.

Click here to access the Worthersee website.

Special cars

VW has been creating special cars to showcase at the GTI-treffen for many years now. Dark shine (the yellow car pictured above) was a 290 kW one-off created by VW apprentices.

The VW GTI Roadster (red car) was created by VW. Apart from its unique appearance, it featured a twin-turbocharged 3,6-litre V6 motor that fed 370 kW to all four wheels.

And who can forget the crazy 480 kW twin-turbocharged 6,0-litre W12 mid-engined Golf 5 that was capable of 325 km/h. You can see a video of that car in action as well as an interview with its creator by clicking this link.