It was inevitable. As the automotive world embraces electromobility there are some models that would straddle the divide between old and new, internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motors. This is exactly what has happened with the updated Porsche Macan. This is the second update the model has received since introduction in 2014. For those keen to order, Porsche SA will soon open its books with earliest deliveries starting in January of 2022. Pricing of the new range follows at the bottom of this post.

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Background info

“In Europe, the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, but the pace of change varies considerably across the world. That’s why we’re going to launch another conventionally powered successor to the current Macan in the course of 2021,” said Michael Steiner, member of the executive board, research and development at Porsche AG, earlier this year.

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With this, rather expensive, strategy, Porsche will offer pure ICE, hybrid and all-electric versions of the Macan, depending on specific market demands. Porsche is busy working on a new, all-electric Macan. Test mules are already out in public accumulating real-world testing miles (as we reported here).


To ensure the company maintains market success with its smaller SUV (Cayenne is the other), the updated Porsche Macan range has received a number of upgrades, both externally and under the skin. 

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From a stylistic point of view the eagle-eyed will note a redesigned nose. LED headlights with the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) and Sport Design exterior mirrors are now standard across the range. The rear diffuser seems to be larger and more noticeable as well. GTS versions have several elements finished in black. 

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The updated Porsche Macan is fitted with a new centre console that makes use of touch surfaces instead of tactile buttons. A new, shorter selector lever has been adopted and the analogue clock atop the facia is now standard fitment.

Power up

For now, the updated Porsche Macan range is led by the GTS derivative. There’s no word whether a Turbo flagship will be introduced. The GTS is powered by a 2,9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 that produces 324 kW (up 44 kW). Using a similar motor the Macan S dishes up 280 kW (20 kW increase). The entry-level Macan has a newly developed, turbocharged four-cylinder with 195 kW. All engines are coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel-drive.

0-100 km/h Top speed Power
Porsche Macan GTS 4,3 sec 272 km/h 324 kW
Macan S 4,6 sec 259 km/h 280 kW
Macan 6,2 sec 232 km/h 195 kW

As the sportiest variant in the line-up the GTS has a number of bespoke upgrades over its siblings. These include recalibrated dampers, sport air suspension, which lowers the body by 10 mm, Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) and 21 inch alloys. 


Porsche Macan R1 050 000

Porsche Macan S R1 271 000

Porsche Macan GTS R1 551 000