Volkswagen is preparing to launch a new, small SUV into the market. The VW T-Cross will be the smallest member of the VW SUV family, which includes the Tiguan, Touareg and, if you are reading this in the US, the Atlas.

A looker

As explained in the video (below) and can be seen from the images, VW is playing strongly on the T-Cross’ appearance. The T-Cross will mark VW’s first foray into the small SUV segment, and the Germans will be looking to make a splash.

The entire car-buying public has embraced SUV ownership. In the process station wagons, sedans, and, VW’s bread and butter, hatchback sales have all suffered. The T-Cross will be the natural step up for Polo buyers.

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Platform sharing

VW has perfected platform sharing across the various models and brands within the corporate structure. Everyone knows that an Audi A3 and a Golf are similar under the skin, the same holds true for the VW Polo and Audi A1.

The upcoming T-Cross will be based on the VW Group’s versatile MQB platform. This front-wheel-drive platform underpins the Golf 7, Audi A3, Seat Octavia and several other group products.

This means that we are likely to see a very similar array of powertrains in the VW T-Cross. There will be small turbocharged petrol and diesel motors driving through the front wheels. It is highly unlikely that there will be an all-wheel-drive version on the cards.

Heading to SA

The VW T-Cross is scheduled to debut in full production form before the year ends. Initial reports suggest the VW SA has already confirmed the T-Cross for local introduction, but that will most likely take place in 2019.

In this video Jürgen Stackmann, Head of Sales & Marketing, and Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design of the Volkswagen brand, explain the new T-Cross: