When we drove the Toyota Yaris GRMN we walked away completely impressed. The little hatch was a proper driver’s car that delighted the senses and proved to be genuinely engaging. When we heard that the company was planning a Toyota Yaris GR-4 we sat up and took notice. You can read our driving review of the Yaris GRMN at this link.


The latest model, a successor to the GRMN derivative, was due to be revealed at the final round of the World Rally Championship. However, wildfires in Australia led that event to be canceled, and Toyota decided to postpone the new car’s unveil.

However, earlier today the company showed this video via its YouTube channel. Company President, Akio Toyoda, is the “Morizio” who’s seen in the video. In it, we are given a sneak peek of the Toyota Yaris GR-4. Take aways from the video are far wider rear wheel arches and an aggressive bodykit. Pictures of the car captured testing at the Nurburgring show larger alloys and brakes as well. We also see the car making a full-bore launch showing all four wheels spinning in the dirt; hence the 4 in GR-4.

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Turbo power 

No new details about the upcoming hot hatch have been released. However, Japanese motor magazines are reporting that the Toyota Yaris GR-4 will be powered by a 1,5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder. The all-wheel-drive system was fitted so that the car can be homologated for competition use. Supposedly a competition version will have a 1,6-litre four-pot engine, to be eligible for R5 class rallying. Remember this column from our site No More Road-Going Racecars, we are very happy to be proven wrong in this case.

Unlike the GRMN, which was limited to just 1 000 units worldwide, the GR-4 will, reportedly, be a full series production model. Japanese motoring media report that the car will be launched early in 2020 and go on sale later in the same year.