These Toyota Supra images leaked via the company’s German division just a matter of hours ago. Fans who signed up to receive updates on the new Toyota Supra, model code A90, were pleasantly surprised to see undisguised images of the new model on the website.

The images were inadvertently leaked via an official source but soon replaced by cars covered by camouflage. Fortunately for fans, a few quick readers grabbed screenshots before the images were replaced. As you can see from the image of the camouflaged car above, the full production model is not far off the cars that Toyota has been parading around.

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The new Toyota Supra has been in development for many years now. Toyota seems intent on milking the pre-launch hype for every single drop. There have been prototype drives by journalists, the car was seen in action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and we’ve even been teased with racecar concepts. Thankfully, generation five of the Toyota Supra will debut in two weeks at the North American International Auto Show that takes place in Detroit from January 14, 2019.