The McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK GTR and Porsche 911 GT1 are the subject of this incredible series of videos shot by UK video outlet: Carfection. They are all cars with a link to the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Some may even consider them to be the original hypercars.

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Three of a kind

Each is a limited-edition model. The F1 was conceived as a road car, which went on to race with great success. The two Germans were built as homologation specials to go racing. As a result their respective manufacturers had to build a minimum number to qualify for competition. Click here to read why we no longer see such ludicrous machinery being sold to the public.

Over the course of three videos (all shared at the bottom of this post), top UK journalist (and lucky sod) Henry Catchpole takes us through the history of the McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK GTR and Porsche 911 GT1. All three cars are maintained by sports- and supercar specialists DK Engineering in the UK. The McLaren even has a South African link as it’s most recent owner was a Johannesburger who sold it to the current custodian in England

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The McLaren and Merc are both powered by large displacement naturally aspirated V12s while the Porsche makes use of the company’s tried and trusted turbocharged flat-six configuration. All are rear-wheel driven and feature six-speed manual transmissions. You can hear and see each of the cars in action in the series of videos.

The Original Hypercars Part 1: McLaren F1

The Original Hypercars Part 2: Porsche 911 GT1

The Original Hypercars Part 3: Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR